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As a computer techie myself, pushed out the industry via outsourcing and the corporate push towards Microsoft, now apple, it was disgusting watching all the Sharks going for the small number of prizes available in 1999. I am aware of how the changes have created too much of a good thing.

I get dismayed when I'm eating in restaurants and watch parents ignore their children while they pour over their phones or tablets, oblivious to the needs of their lonely kids. I hate when I have to listen other people's conversations while they talk on their cell phone as I am standing in line at the supermarket. I don't like it when I log into facebook only to discover that a friend has posted photos taken of me unknowingly. And hadn't asked if they can use that photo.
Conclusion, people are mean and greedy. I know many are not. But when watching blatant advertising which announces people's public humiliation, leads me to comprehend that it's being encouraged! Just as I hate that war creates lots of money for those building war machines for hire, elsewhere. Not only that, war is glorified. Made into an exciting goal. And then crying about it when it happens close to home.

Well, it shows that all the white guys making money care little for the rest.

But it is sunny today and I'm in a good frame of mind. And laying it out will be a challenge. Telling the truth is not welcomed.



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